Submit your CQMM Contest log via email to cwjf@cqmmdx.com. All logs must be in the Cabrillo file format. Any other format is not acceptable by email. There is a easy way to convert your paper log into a proper file format using the CABRILLO WEB FORM.

If you use a Log Software without support to CQMM DX Contest or used paper and pen to register your contacts, please use the CQMM DX Contest Cabrillo Webform to generate your final log. Then, send your log attached by e-mail.

As soon your Cabrillo log is received, a software called “robot” will process it and send back to you a e-mail confirming your submition. But, if there is a problem with your log, the robot will sent instructions who to solve it. After fix your Cabrillo log, send it again via email to cwjf@cqmmdx.com. To log submition is ended when you receive a confirmation e-mail saying that all is alright with your log.

Caution: Make sure that the callsign used during the competition is in the subject line of your email. If this information is not there, your log will not be accepted by the robot.

Before send your log, check if your category and all others information are correct in the header of Cabrillo file. This information is filled automaticly by your log software.

Before send us your log, check this point:

  1. Your callsign is in the message subject and in the log.
  2. Your log is in proper Cabrillo format. If you aren’t sure about the format is correct, ask for help send email to help@cqmmdx.com. We’ll our best to help you convert your log into a proper cabrillo file format.
  3. The contest name in the log must be like this:
    These is the only Contest name accepted.
  4. The category is one of the standards listed in the Cabrillo information page.
  5. The time and date (UTC) must be within the contest period. If not, the robot will discart all QSO make before or after contest period.

Check out details about log format on Cabrillo Format page.


All log must be sent by e-mail. No paper log are accepted. But If you cannot put your log into proper cabrillo format by anyway, please, use plain text (.TXT or .DOC) and write one QSO by line with all standart information: BAND, UTC, CALL, RST, EXCHANGE. Then, send it to help@cqmmdx.com.


Thanks to WA7BNM, you can use online WEB FORM to type in your complete log – made on paper – and convert it into a proper Cabrillo format. You will receive the log in your email, then you can send it to us. Click here to goto the CQMM WEB FORM.