2014 Edition Invitation

CWJF Group is pleased to invite you to participate in CQMM DX Contest, the largest world wide ham radio competition sponsored in South America:

CQMM DX Contest
April 19-20, 2014

Starts: 1200 UTC Saturday
Ends: 2359 UTC Sunday

How to participate:

1) Log Software:

We recommend use software N1MMLogger, select module CQMMDX, which gives full support to CQMM DX Contest participation. Or SD by EI5DI, beside It gives full support to this contest, It is fast and simple. Please, refer to our software page for more information about how to use a log software on the CQMM DX Contest.

2) Contest Exchange:

Exchange is simple for regular Single Operator category: 599 + Continent. See examples of exchange you will find on the air:

  • Single Op: 599 + Your Continent: 599 EU, 599 NA, etc.
  • Single Op CWJF Member: 599 + Your Continent + M: 599 AFM
  • Single Op QRP: 599 + Your Continent + Q: 599 ASQ
  • Single Op YL: 599 + Your Continent + Y: 599 OCY
  • Mult-Op, Club or Group: 599 + Your Continent + C: 599 SAC

If you have any doubt, please contact us by email help@cqmmdx.com.

3) Send in your log:

Please, send in your log by email (cwjf@cqmmdx.com) right after the contest in Cabrillo format. If you cannot or don’t know how to convert your log into right format, please contact us by email help@cqmmdx.com, we will work hard to put your log ready to send it in. We really need your log, no matters it size.

CWJF Group members and South American operators hope listen you having fun on the bands coming up April 3rd weekend (19-20).

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