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The  Board  of  the  CWJF GROUP,  is  pleased  to  inform  that  the  result  of  CQMM DX CONTEST 2020  is  now  available   ( see below ).

Congratulations  to  all  2.382  participants  from  128  different  DXCC  countries,  who  submitted t heir  LOGs  and  who  participated  in  this  competition  sponsored  by  the  CWJF Group,  one  of  the  largest  CW  groups  in  South  America.

This   year,   the   contest   database   recorded    443.506 QSO’s    from  all  logs  received.  During   the   calculation   of   the   result,   we   were   able  to  validate  407.709 QSO’s  ( 91,93% )  of  the  reported  contacts. In  2019,  we  reached  a  total  of  133.059  valid  QSO’s. Therefore,  this  year  we  had  a  growth  of  206,4%  in relation  to  the  previous  year.

We are very happy with the worldwide growth that CQMM DX Contest has achieved. And you who have participated in our contest, are part of this great success.

In 2020, new records were achieved, especially the  11 new world records,  as well as  44 new continental records. These are the data that prove the consistent growth of the competition that we are obtaining in the international community.

Another joy we had this year was having the confirmation of the receipt of the logs from 130 QRP stations and 24 YL stations, which were actively participating in the contest. And each year, the number of QRP and YL stations is increasing.

It was an unforgettable gift for the celebration of the 35th anniversary of the founding of the CWJF GROUP and for the tenth edition of the CQMM DX CONTEST.

But it is always important to emphasize that the support we receive from radio amateurs, clubs and groups from our country and also from other countries on the 6 continent, is very important. Without that support, we might not have made it that far, with this success that is repeated every year.

We  hope  to  have  your  participation  again  in  this  year’s  contest,  as  you  are  very  important  to  all  of  us,  and  if  this  year  becomes  your  first  time  to  participate  in  our  contest,  know  that  it  will  be  a  great  honor  for  the  organizers  of  CQMM DX CONTEST,  and  certainly  of  all  the  other  participants.

Invite  other  radio  amateurs  and  help  us  spread  the  word  among  clubs  and  groups  in  your  country  and  this  way  you  will  be  contributing  to  have  more  participants  in  the  contest  this  year.

The CWJF GROUP is open to radio amateurs interested in becoming a Member of our CW Group. Click on the link below:

If you need to know more about the result, contact us by sending an email to: 

See you in third full weekend in April.

2020 Results 

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